dan gries

I'm a mathematics and computer science educator and an artist.

After earning a Ph.D. in mathematics from Ohio State, I taught for several years at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, and in a visiting position at Hamilton College in New York, before settling into private school teaching at Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut, where I currently reside. Although my formal background is in mathematics, I now teach just as much computer science.

Apart from some BASIC programming in my youth, I didn't seriously take up programming until much later in life while I was working as a college professor in mathematics, when I studied ActionScript for the now-defunct Flash plugin. I later moved on to creating graphics in the browser with JavaScript, and my preferred language for creating art is now Processing.

My passion and focus changes over time, but these days it is mainly devoted to digital prints, pen plotter works, and some public installations. I have had my works exhibited and installed in spots around the New Haven area.